Hands On The Beach

One day in June, I went to a small beach. I wore a very tiny G-string to get a good tan. Later that day, an older man sat down next to me to sun himself. About an hour later, he asked me if I had a lighter he could use to light up a smoke. As I gave him my lighter, he said to me, "How did you stuff that big thing in such a tiny G-string?" I was shocked he would say such a thing, but at the same time my package was coming out of my swimwear and I had no place to hide it. I have always wanted a man to touch me there, but not at that time. He put himself next to me and by this time, things were all the way showing. I heard him say, "What a manhood," and I never had a feeling like that in my life. I could not see any one around and I did not want him to stop, but I did not know this man at all. He told me to just lay back and enjoy what he was doing to me. After he finished, he wanted me to return the favor and I told him I would not do that to anyone. He said he wanted to give me more. I told him I had to go and I would be back the next day. I never saw him again, but I can still feel his hand on me.

— Andre, 62