Nice Saturday Evening

I am twenty-nine and still a virgin; I just could never get anything going with a girl. The longer it was, the more awkward it became to try. A friend of mine from work came to visit the other day and we were in my house watching TV. We were talking and some hot girl was giving a guy oral. Since it was on regular TV, you didn't see anything, but we started talking about it anyway. I'm not sure my friend knew I was a virgin until that moment. He went on about how good they feel and I asked him to describe it to me. He started talking about how he likes it when a girl does different things to him. I was getting pretty aroused, and it seemed like he might have been to because he kept rearranging his pants. I told him I had to use the bathroom, but I was really going to relieve myself. I think he knew, because he said, "You don't have to go in the bathroom to do that." I was a little nervous, but sat back down and began. He asked if I minded if he did the same and I said, "Not at all." I said, "I sure would like to know what oral feels like." I lay back on the couch a little and rested my head. I closed my eyes trying to imagine a beautiful girl coming toward me and I felt this warmness. He had come over and was giving me oral. It felt so good! I really couldn't handle it, and it was just a matter of moments before I was done. That was a nice Saturday evening.

— Charlie, 29