Celebrity Sex Encounter

One night some years back, I was driving home late at night after my DJ gig. I decided to stop at the local adult store to go solo and let some stress out, so to speak. I walked into a booth and noticed another individual walking in at the same time. I recognized him. He is very famous in the country music world. Now, I'm married, straight, and detest country, but I was curious when I saw that he was going to be sitting adjacent from me on the other side of a thin wall. I put in my money and the screen lit up our adjoining wall. I noticed a recently notched-out big cutaway between us that was about waist-high. We both caught each other looking through the opening. Sure enough, it was him. He winked and then rubbed his fancy jeans. I knew exactly what he wanted. Before I knew it, well, you can guess the rest. I had no idea what was showing on the movie screen. I fully completed my new task like a pro and thought to myself afterwards, "I just did so-and-so, the famous country singer." He smiled, nodded, tipped his cowboy hat, and then said, "Thanks," in his familiar, soft-spoken voice. "Wow," I thought to myself, "I enjoyed that experience." I looked up at the screen, and it was a scene reminiscent of what I had just done. I have never told anyone of my spontaneous venture. I have since found that I am bisexual. I'll never look at one of those places or listen to country music the same way again. Years later, my wife got us tickets to see this guy headlining in concert at a local arena. If only she knew.

— Anthony, 28