I was at a rest stop giving oral to a hot truck driver and enjoying every minute of it. He was finishing as I heard a voice saying, "What the hell is going on here?" I looked up and a hot highway patrolman was standing there in his tight beige uniform and shiny black patrol boots. The truck driver got the hell out; but the cop put the cuffs on me, got ready, and told me to give him oral. I was in heaven. But even after I was done, he remained wanting more. He led me outside to his bike, where we had full sex. I was in heaven even more. Finally, he finished and took the cuffs off me. He told me that if he ever caught me here again, I was going to jail. I told him if he was ever feeling sexy to give me a call and I gave him my phone number. Now, I don't have to go back to the rest stop; he calls me at least once a week.

— Calvin, 29