Friday Nights

My wife comes home from work on Friday nights and is completely different than she is any other night of the week. She enters the house and yells for me to come take her things and hang up her coat. Then she screams, "Where is my dinner?!" I jump to please her every whim, secretly loving the game. After I feed her, she tells me to bring out my "clothes" and lay them on the couch. I bring out all my fem clothing and she picks what I am to wear the rest of the night. Usually it's lace panties, matching padded bra, a tight mini-skirt, and a skin tight see-through lace blouse. I have to put on make-up to her whim, then pantyhose and spike heels. When I'm dressed, she orders me to be her prostitute for the night and I happily oblige. We both love Friday nights!

— Jesse, 32