Stolen Panties

I had wanted a hot set of panties, but my wife can't stand the thought of me wearing them. I have to keep my thoughts hidden, or else. Walking down our street one day, I noticed one of our neighbors had her sexy little panties out on the clothes line. I kept walking by and looking at them. I noticed that she was not at home and most of the neighborhood was empty. I went for them. When I got back to an empty house, I knew I had it made. I stripped off all my clothes and put them on with the matching bra that I had snagged too. They felt so good; I stuffed the bra and put on one of my wife's dresses and four inch heels. I never even heard the door open or close. I was caught. My wife lit into me like you wouldn't believe. It ended up with her using me like I was a cheap whore. She made me do things that I didn't think she even knew about. I didn't have all this in mind when dressing up, but it sure has changed our sex life. Oh, by the way my neighbor is still looking for her panties three months later. I wonder if my wife would let her in on where they are.

— Tyler, 32