College Domme

I am married, but I had been fantasizing about being submissive to young hot girls; and here where I live, there are so many. I placed an ad for a girl who would dominate me in public, and I agreed to meet one who responded. When I arrived outside the coffee shop we agreed to meet at, she looked so sexy in a tight, short green dress. She was nineteen and very curvy. She ordered me to kneel and kiss her feet right there in the street, and I obeyed. Inside, she made me face the wall a while, and then allowed me to look at her as she laughed and pushed a foot into my privates. We shared a bottle of wine later, where she teased and humiliated me in front of the waiter and other patrons. Then finally, when we were kissing on a bench, she told me to come back to her place, where I worshipped her gorgeous body and made love to her.

— Connor, 44