Dream Come True

When I was in school, I had the hottest Spanish teacher. She was about five foot four and thirty-one years old. She had a great body; but, her best feature was her big bubble butt. It was huge! She would always wear very sexy dresses and they would always have colorful and tight skirts. Now, she was not a slut, but she always teased the kids in my class. She would purposely drop something and bend down in front of us so that we could all get excited. One day, she looked especially hot; she was wearing a tight skirt and a revealing shirt. Her dark brunette hair was resting over her back. I was staring at her and was getting so excited, when she called me up to do a sentence on the board. I slowly walked up to the board, but my excitement was obvious. All the kids started laughing me, but she just stared. I just did the sentence and sat back down. After class, she told me to stay back. I was so worried, but then she walked towards me. Before I could do anything, she started to kiss me. My dream had finally come true. I returned the kiss and she pushed me back onto the desk. When then had sex. "Oh, I love you," I told her. "Well," she replied, "We're going to have to have this discussion at least three times a week." I had sex with her for the remainder of the year. I have a girlfriend now and I like her a lot, but I still miss my teacher's butt. The other day, I visited my old school and actually talked to her again. She is married, but she still did me better than ever. This is the best time of my life.

— Nathan, 26