My Wife's Friends

About two years ago I came home early when my wife was having a few friends over for a "girls' night". They had split a couple bottles of wine between the three of them and were feeling pretty good. My wife strolled up to me and told me that she had been bragging to them about how great I was at oral and how no one had ever made her as excited before me. She said that her friends wanted to see what she meant and that it was okay with her if I showed them. She then proceeded to strip right there in front of her two friends! I couldn't have been more shocked. Then she sat on the couch and they watched while I did her. It then got even crazier. Her friends asked if she would mind if I did oral on them, too. My wife said that it was fine this once "just for educational purposes". I had the best night of my life making all three of them come over and over. I had a terrible case of blue balls by the end of the evening, but it was worth it!

— John, 45