My wife and I used to visit my mother-in-law after her husband died. She'd let us use her bed while she stayed in the spare room. Sometimes I'd get a pair of her panties from her drawer and put them on while my wife was still asleep. One particular morning, I was lying on the bed wearing a pair of the mother-in-law's white panties when she came in with a cup of tea for us. All I could do was pretend to be asleep. I heard the cups go on the dressing table, and I waited for her to leave the room. But instead, I felt her hand rubbing my privates. Within minutes, I felt myself finish. My mother-in-law bent over, covered me over, and left the room. I immediately got up, grabbed my dressing gown, and rushed to the bathroom to clean up. I got dressed, leaving the panties on, and went downstairs. I expected an ear bashing. But my mother-in-law just looked at me and said, "I think black will suit you better." I was amazed. Then she explained that she hadn't had sex for three years due to her husband's illness. I told her I was still wearing the panties and she asked to see them. I dropped my trousers, and she started again. Since then, we have always had sex, even after she remarried. And I always wear her panties.

— Gregory, 37