Gay Or Not?

Up until last year, I'd never had any doubt that I was straight, never having any desires for men. I have long been using anal toys, which felt really nice. It started to occur to me that it might be quite nice to experience the real thing instead. I got my chance when I became friendly with a guy whom I discovered was bi-sexual. One day at my house, I told him of my fantasy. He said he'd be only too pleased to help me out, but I'd have to make him excited first. So we took off our clothes and lay on the bed. I started to play with him and he responded quickly. I couldn't resist giving him oral to completion. An hour or so later, I asked him if he would have sex with me. He agreed readily, so again, I got him excited. Then, I knelt on the bed and he began slowly. We eventually worked up to a wild and fun time. Unlike the toys that I'm used to, this felt so much better. Since then, we have done oral and anal sex a few more times, but no way could I ever give him the anal, and absolutely no kissing! Am I gay or not?

— Terrence, 35