My wife, who is forty-six, is very modest around other people; until this winter, that is. We went on a trip with friends to the beach and stayed in a very upscale place. Everyone was gone on this particular day, so she and I stayed behind. First, we took a bath together in the large tub and had a bit of fun. I have brought flashing up to her before, but she never really gave me a clear answer. This time though, we were both very excited. We got out of the tub and began to get ready for our friends to come back. As she was combing her hair, I opened the curtains. We were on the fifth floor and she said, "Somebody might see me." I told her no one knew us, so why would it matter? After I finished saying this, she walked toward the window in a way as not to be seen. She could see how turned on I was. At this point, she began to step more into the open window. There was a balcony of a restaurant about forty to fifty feet away and she said there was a waiter on the deck smoking. After saying this, she stepped into full view of him, knowing he could see everything as the windows were big and very tall; to the floor almost. She then began giving him a little show. I took care of myself while she did this. I was on the bed so he could not see me, but he was seeing plenty of her. It really turns me on for someone to see her. She has a great body and he saw it all. I would like for her to do more of this, but she has not mentioned it since.

— Elliot, 52