Being Seen In Lingerie

I have worn panties and other lingerie most of my life. Pink is my favorite color. As a teen, I got panties from hampers and off clothes lines. Over the years, I have bought panties, etc. and I enjoy them. I have, on occasion, made sure others have seen me in them. One time was when the mailman knocked at the door and the door wasn't latched tight. It opened and there I was in a pair of sheer pink panties! Well, he just smiled, was red-faced, and gave me the package. He took a nice second look, too. I bet he wished he had a pair. Another time, I saw a neighbor in her pool. I walked out on the back porch in pink, sheer panties where I pretended not to see her. I walked around so she could get a good look and saw her smile. Another time, I was driving down the highway with my pants pulled down and my hot pink panties exposed. A trucker on my left glanced over and looked down into my car. He smiled and honked his horn. It's nice to be seen sometimes in lingerie. I wish I had someone to share my wearing habits with, though.

— Ted, 73