I Love This Job!

Not long ago, I had a one in a million day. My job was to wire the TV cable trunk-line on a residential telephone pole. I started early that day by placing the ladder in position, but I had to go back to truck for another tool shortly after starting the job. It turned out that the reason the tool wasn't in the bag was it was broken and tossed on the shelf by the last guy. My bud on the next block over brought me a replacement in about a half hour, which was cool, and I went back to work. Since the ladder was already up, I guess I climbed pretty quietly because under me in the next yard was the most gorgeous hunk of woman, about thirty-two years old, I had ever seen. She was twenty feet away on a lounge chair pointing away from me, fully nude and very, very hot. Needless to say, I'm lucky I didn't fall off the ladder right then! After a few minutes, some guy came out in shorts and walked up to her. She took a bottle of water from him and they talked for a few minutes. I wish I could have heard what they said because after a few seconds, she started rubbing him on his happy place. Needless to say, it didn't take long for them to go at it. Oh my god, I wanted her! After what seemed like forever (at least to me, as it was long past what would have been my point of no return), they finally finished up. What a freaking show! She was enjoying every moment. I have to say; pretty darn quickly he went inside and left her laying there. She then stood up, rolled a towel over herself, and started to walk back to the house. Five steps in, she turned around and smiled at me and I waved back to her. She made a face when she saw the tool I was working with. Whew, that was fun. Little did she know, I had to go door to door to check out the service connection when I was done, if they were home. They were. God, I love this job. Thank you, I love your accent. Your man? Whoa. Here I thought I was straight! I still am, but it's the price you pay.

— Tyler, 29