Don't End Up Like Me

I've been with my wife for thirty years now and my sister-in-law always comes over to my house and tries to seduce me into having sex with her. Even though she is extremely sexy, I make sure to look away and stay faithful. One day, she came over and no one was home but me. I brought her some coffee and cereal. While I went to get her breakfast, she apparently stripped. When I came in, I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to control myself. She ran over and started giving me oral, and then I got excited and pleasured her. We had sex for two hours. A few months later, I was feeling really guilty and I felt I had to tell my wife. I did and now I have to sign divorce papers after a thirty year marriage. So, to all you men, try to keep control of yourself with your head and don't let your manhood be your mind; or else you could end up like me.

— William, 31