Stole My Wife's Lover

I knew that my wife was having an affair with a hot black man and he knew that I knew. One day, he came by when I was home alone. He grabbed me, started to kiss me passionately, and I kissed him as well. I then reached down and took out his enormous manhood. I started to perform oral on him. He raised me to my feet and suggested that we go to a bedroom and undress. When he took off his t-shirt, jeans, and boots and stood there in the nude, it looked as though Michelangelo had sculpted in ebony. He then undressed me. When he got my shirt and pants off, he saw that I was wearing a bra, camisole, panties, garter belt, dark nylons, and woman's flats. This turned him on. He picked me up and carried me to the bed, lay down beside me, and we made passionate love. This had to be the greatest sex I had ever experienced. The wife has no idea why he doesn't call her anymore, nor does she know that he and I are having a hot affair. The wife has a new lover, also black, but nowhere near as hot as the one I stole from her.

— Marcus, 36