I had this crush since my senior year in high school. She is a sweet and outgoing girl. I had hung out with her a few times with some of my friends, but I really didn't know her too well. After graduation, a group of us made plans to take a trip together to Japan. When it came time to travel, all of them had canceled out due to illnesses and other reasons. The only other person that did not back out was the girl I had the crush on. So, she and I traveled to Japan. We talked a lot on the plane, and I really started to get to know her. Once we had arrived, we checked into our hotel rooms and decided to go out and do some sight-seeing and shopping. I bought some gifts to take back home to my friends, and I bought a gift for my crush, also. It was the most expensive gift I ever bought. It was a twenty-four karat gold diamond ring. Despite the fact that I knew very little about her, I wanted to marry her. After sight-seeing and shopping, we went to a fancy restaurant together. When we returned to our hotel, I got down on one knee and proposed to her. She was shocked at first. Then she told me that she had loved me since the first time we met. She kissed me softly on the lips, and I slipped the ring onto her finger. We spent the next couple of days enjoying our vacation together. Then she called home to tell her family and friends that she was engaged. Then we made all of the preparations and got married there in Japan. We had our honeymoon back in New York. We had great sex while on our honeymoon. Now we have two children together. We moved to Japan to live for a while and learned the culture and language there. One time after work, I stopped and had some drinks. On my walk home, I encountered a hot chick who asked me to have sex with her. Clouded by the alcohol, I nodded my head yes. She led me to her apartment where we had the best sex of my life. My wife still doesn't know about it.

— Duane, 28