Unexpected Surprise

For the first time in six months, my extremely attractive stepsister walked through my front door and surprised me. She gave me a big hug that turned me on. There has been much sexual tension between us for years, but I was afraid to admit it. She told me she was tired and needed a nap. I told her she could sleep in my bed. As she slept, I walked into the computer room to pleasure myself. In the middle, she walked in! She was also surprised to find pictures of her on the computer screen. I hastily pulled up my pants. She stopped me and pulled me over to the couch. She told me she has had sexual feelings for me since we were teenagers. I told her I wanted to have sex with her. I led her to the bed beside the computer where we did it. We fell asleep in each other's arms. We continued to do this several times before she left. We are now having a heavy relationship and have three kids.

— Matt, 21