My Hang Out Pad

After a dispute with my parents, I moved out. My neighbors have let me use their pool house as my own pad. He is sixty-four and she is forty-seven. Although she is a little overweight, I still find her attractive. He lets her do whatever she wants and I sometimes take advantage of that. Last year, I convinced her that I was bisexual and love to cross-dress. This led her to buying me outfits and making me play the part of a daughter, which they never had. She even lets me talk to her about my boyfriends. When I'm with her, I am dressed as a female, complete with all the panties, bras, stockings, various dresses, and a brunette colored wig. She calls me Debbie and I call her mother. Our goal is to hopefully have me bring home a boyfriend and let him have sex with us both. I am happier now then I have ever been.

— Dylan, 31