Helping A Friend

I'm friends with a couple who are trying to have a kid. Due to some problem on his end, he has had an operation to improve his odds. The doc gave him a 50/50 chance it would work. After the operation, they would have sex daily when she could get pregnant, with no luck. They were told to consider artificial insemination, but they want the child to be theirs. One night while he was out of town on a business trip, I stopped over to drop off a tool I had borrowed. Victoria had been drinking and was quite tipsy. She was telling me the story and how she wanted Ross to be the father and how she didn't want some stranger to be the father. As she had another glass of wine, she started to come on to me. We had great sex several times that night. Well, nine months later she has a kid with blond hair; I'm blond and neither of them are. Now they want a second kid. I guess I'll wait for Ross to take another business trip and go over and help them out.

— Brad, 37