My Desire

I have worn silky nylon panties 24/7 for years now, but I have a desire to have a roommate who loves lingerie as much as I do. I'd like for both of us to regularly dress each other in nylon panties, thigh high nylons, and very sheer nylon baby doll nighties. We would then run our hands over each other, caressing each other through the silky nylon. When that activity caused us both to get excited, we would then caress each other's manhood through the nylon skirt of our nighties. After some very sensuous kissing, we would then take it further. We could make each other feel so good, and then just hold each other, enjoying the afterglow in our nighties. I hope to find a man with the same desire someday soon; I can't wait to live out my desire. We could keep each other so happy.

— Troy, 55