Dangerous Sex

This past weekend, a friend of mine that is a friend with benefits, and I went to see a movie in a bigger city than ours. It was an hour away. When we got to the movie, I started rubbing her through her jeans and for the next three hours, she wanted sex. I kept telling her, "No, just wait for tonight." The movie ended, we got in my truck, and drove the hour home. The road back home is on a curvy two lane highway. It was about two in the morning and very few cars were out. I asked if she wanted to have sex. She undid my seatbelt, pulled my pants down, took off all her clothes, and climbed over me. We had sex almost the whole way home while doing sixty-five on the dark, curvy, hilly road. It was dangerous as hell and such a turn on.

— Zach, 19