Mondays With Daughter-In-Law

One day, I was downstairs in my house washing clothes and my daughter-in-law, who is twenty-two years old, was taking a shower. I guess she thought I was still upstairs. I heard her coming out the bathroom; when we made eye contact, she was wet all over. She was looking shy, so she went in her room. About fifteen minutes later, she came out of her room with only a robe on and said, "Do you promise not to say anything when your wife and son come home?" I said, "Sure." To my surprise, she dropped her robe. We started kissing for about two minutes, and then she gave me oral. After that, I laid down on the carpet and we had full sex. When we were finished, we promised not to say anything to anyone. It seems like when my wife and son are at work on Mondays, we make love.

— Fred, 40