I Can't Stand It

It is stronger than I am. At forty-one, my wife is more attractive than ever. She turns heads where ever she goes, particularly at work, where she is one of only two women among twelve men. The other woman is a twenty-two year old girl who is very pretty, but my wife has that mature ingredient that makes her so desirable. She is very social and invites her coworkers over all the time. No matter what she wears, she's always cute and deserving of their glances. I just can't avoid trying to figure out what crosses their imaginations as they look at her. It seems that she likes it because she gets excited at the thought of being checked out, which makes her even more desirable. I get such a turn-on I have to pleasure myself occasionally while she and her coworkers are in our home. I just can't stand it.

— Emilio, 44