New Found Love

I have found a new love after years of dressing in my wife's clothes and letting her do all things feminine to me. We have already had sex with a strap-on while I am dressed in lingerie, and she lets me wear a dress and heels on weekends. My new found excitement is for her to paint my toenails and fingernails with fancy colors, even giving me French tips. I let my nails grow long and it is a very sexy look for me. My nails are even a little longer than hers, so it looks natural. She has decided that I would like a body waxing and facial, so this coming weekend we are heading to the city where I can get every little thing done to me that she is having done. I am even going to wear a thong, stockings, and a tampon so that I can have the full affect of this wonderful experience. This is my new found love.

— Mitchell, 37