On The Menu

A few months ago I started frequenting a local cafe on my lunch hour. The food and coffee were good and the prices were reasonable, but the main reason I kept going back was the service of one of the owners. Evelyn and her husband Norman owned the café; Evelyn worked out front with the customers and Norman generally stayed in the back preparing food. Evelyn was the reason I kept returning. She was always smiling, very friendly, and to be honest, pretty good looking with a great body for a woman in her forties. I looked forward to seeing her, and found that if I went in just after the lunch rush, she would often take the time to sit with me and make small talk about the day. Last Monday, I went in for lunch and a few minutes after I got my lunch Evelyn came over and sat down. We started our normal conversation about the weather and what not, and then she mentioned that Norman had gone out of town hunting and would be gone for a week. We talked about her being alone all week and before I knew it, I asked her if she would maybe like to get some dinner that night. She seemed as shocked that I asked her as I was for saying it, but after a brief, uncomfortable pause, she smiled and said she would love a little company for dinner. We agreed on a restaurant and she told me she would just meet me there. The rest of the afternoon, I kept wondering what the hell was I doing asking out a married woman twenty years older than myself and wondering what I would tell my girlfriend if she asked what I was doing tonight. She was waiting at the bar when I got there and I couldn't have been more surprised. Evelyn looked amazing! She was wearing a white blouse that exposed her generous cleavage and tight black pants that showed off her curves. I almost didn't recognize her. She greeted me with a full mouth kiss, which I eagerly responded to after my initial hesitation. We sat down for dinner and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. After a few minutes of this and that, she asked me what my girlfriend thought of me taking a married woman out to dinner. I said I didn't know what she thought because my girlfriend thinks I'm working late, and then I asked her the same about her husband. She smiled and said her husband paid her little attention and that she knew what he was hunting for on his hunting trip. She then dropped the bomb on me by telling me that she had wanted me from the first day we met. She said she never thought I would be interested in a woman so much older, and assumed I would always be a fantasy. I responded by telling her what a beautiful desirable woman she was, and the rest of the dinner was a pleasant blur of wine and flirtation. We couldn't keep our hands off each other as we left the restaurant and got into my car. We were making out like a couple of kids in the front seat, and then she begged me to take her home. I thought we were going to die on the drive over because she was giving me oral. We finally got to her house and barely inside the front door before we were ripping off our clothes. I can honestly say I had never been more aroused than I was the next couple of hours as we explored every possible angle and every possible position that we could imagine. She was game for anything and easily the most willing partner I could have imagined! I never would have dreamed the friendly, nice lady that took my lunch order was the same woman that was telling me to do all the nasty things I was doing to her! I can also admit the fact that she was married, older, and we were performing all these acts in their bedroom was a huge turn-on for me. After we had more than filled our sexual appetite, I drove her back to get her car. We both agreed it was the best sex we ever had, and that at least until her husband returned in a week, we would continue to please each other.

— Sean, 26