Glory Hole

I had never heard of a glory hole and the first time I saw one was the first time I went to an adult book store. I went to their twenty-five cent arcade and when I got in a booth and locked the door, I sat down and put money in to watch a movie. I looked around the booth and noticed a hole about four or five inches in diameter. I looked in a saw another booth with a man working himself over. Just then, he saw me and smiled. He got up and before I knew it I was looking at this big man package sticking through the hole and almost hitting me. I had never touched or given oral to a man before that day, but it looked very good, so I tried it. When we were done, I heard him zip up and leave. Glory holes are great way for a man to get oral without knowing or seeing the other person. Thank you glory holes.

— Nathaniel, 55