She Suspected It, I Got It

Let me start by saying that I have be cross dressing for years; I have my own collection and have been hiding it. I indulge my desire when my wife is working or away. She is four years older than I am and is pretty demanding, but I love her more than anything. One afternoon, she expressed that we should go out with some friends. We hadn't been drinking for a long time, so I said it would be a good idea. Later, as the evening progressed, she started to mention how she saw a show that discussed men dressing in drag and she said she thought it was a sexual turn on. This made me wonder if she may be game for my secret. The later it got, the more shots I did and I became very drunk. Once we got home, I was spinning around in full affect of the booze. She lead me to the bedroom, helped me get undressed, and laid me on the bed. She told me that I was not to pass out because she had a surprise for me. I only remember parts, but I know she disappeared then returned wearing one of my dresses that I had hidden. She asked if it looked familiar and I acted as if I was going to pass out. She started verbally abusing me and told me I was going to get punished for lying and what she considered cheating on her with myself. She pulled the dress off and ordered me to put it on. I did as I was told, and then she appeared with a strap-on an ordered me to roll over and get on all fours. I did and she verbally abused me some more while giving me anal sex. At this point I remember her saying that I was not to complete until she told me to. That was the last thing I remembered until I awoke in the morning with a throbbing headache and a note that said I had better put on my sexy lingerie and dress and wait for her to return. It was almost lunchtime when she came home with a bag. She asked if I remembered how much of a slut I was last night. She had an outfit that she wanted me to wear and told me to go dress in it and as I dressed, she told me that she had suspected that I was playing around with women's clothes and that she could accept it as long as I will go out in public with her dressed in drag. I am still contemplating it, but the shock is starting to wear off. It has given us a few very good sex sessions, though.

— Toby, 39