Wanted Someone To See

Kevin, my next door neighbor, asked me to help put shelves up in the garage. Boy, it was hot and after we finished, he said we should clean up and have a few beers. He showered first, and then I got in the shower. When I came out, he was dressed in a bra, panties, garter belt, high heels, and a blond wig. Kevin said, "I just wanted someone to see me dressed up," and I told him it was a great turn-on for me. He had some things laid out on the bed and asked me to try them on. I felt so sexy dressed up; he gave me a wig, put a tube of lipstick in my hand, and told me to put it on. He asked if I ever did oral with another man and I did not. Kevin said if I did him, he would do me. I got so turned on seeing my lipstick on him. We now dress and play at least once a week. I didn't know what I was missing.

— Owen, 45