Ex-Boss and Wife Make Three

My wife used to work for a doctor and would make comments to her friends about how attractive he was. She told me once that when she was filing paperwork and had to get down on her knees, he mentioned that she looked good like that. Well, a few years later we were discussing having sex with other people and how she didn't want me to miss out on that experience if I wanted it. Then the subject of a threesome came up. She was not at all into having a woman join us, so I agreed to having a man join us to spice things up. Nothing happened for several months until she came home one night and told me she had someone in mind. It was her ex-boss. I knew him and had no issues with him. So, she took care of all the details and told me to just go with the flow and not be uptight. When he showed up that night, we started drinking and talking. Then my wife nervously made the move by grabbing both our hands and bringing us to the bedroom. She took off her clothes first, then his and my clothes with our help. She instructed me to start pleasing her while she pleased him. It was the most erotic experience I ever had. To see her so excited receiving pleasure and giving it like never before.

— Steve, 41