Can't Resist The Spanking

This happened last year when I went to my younger step-daughter-in-law's house. She is twenty-two years old and a very bubbly lady. But, she has also been a very dominating girl from childhood. Her husband was gone on a foreign trip and she had one year old son. That son used to drink less milk than she produced. When she had pain in her big breasts from being overfilled, she requested I suck her breast milk so she could get out of pain as her pump was not working. I was reluctant to drink her milk and she got very angry. She is much more powerful than I am, so she simply pulled my hair and slapped me until I complied. She also made me undress and she started spanking me on my bare butt. She was scolding and spanking me until I begged her to stop. She did, and then said, "You are a sissy father-in-law. Will you disobey me?" I said, "My mistresses, I will not disobey you." I lived there for two months and did all the activity she wanted everyday. Now, whenever she is in mood, she calls me and spanks me. I can't resist her spanking.

— Stanley, 58