This summer when I was home for the summer, our next door neighbor often worked in her garden. I noticed that as the summer went on, she wore less and less as she worked in the garden. One late Saturday morning, I was out on our patio eating breakfast when she came out with what appeared to be a body shirt that snapped at the crotch. I watched her as she began bending over and working her garden. From the back a beautiful "wedgie" soon appeared. Pretty soon she looked up and asked me if I could help her move some compost. I jumped at the opportunity. As I went around the house and entered her backyard, she was standing up with her back toward me. Immediately, she bent over and the snaps on her crotch came undone exposing her. She stood-up quickly and put her hands over her mouth as though she was quite surprised and embarrassed. She made no effort to cover herself. She simply said, "How would you like to fertilize my garden?" As she came close to me, she goosed me all the way into the house. We never made it to her bedroom. We repeated this occasion a number of times throughout the summer.

— Dillan, 23