The Feel Is Fab

I have worn knickers since I was young. I used to dog walk for an attractive girl along the road; she was about twenty-five and worked shifts as a nurse. One day in the park, her dog pulled me into the lake going after the ducks. When I got back to her house soaked through, she ran me a hot bath and told me to get out of all the wet things. While I was standing naked next to the bath testing the water, she came in with some of her own things for me to put on after my bath. I was very shy being naked in front of her, but she looked me up and down and said, "It's okay, I am a nurse you know." When I looked at the pile of clothes, on the top was a pair of her panties that were pink and made of satin. Although I had never thought of trying girl's panties on before, as soon as I saw these I started to become very excited, as I called it at that age. I was so excited to think when I got out of the bath; I could put these on and see just how they feel. I stood in her bathroom in just her little knickers with excitement showing through the material for sure, when she walked back in and smiled, looking down and saying, "Things look very straight down there, I wonder why?" Then she left the room. I kept those lovely panties and wore them most of the time. When she was out, I would love to go through her drawer and find her knickers. I would strip naked and try them on; rolling around on her bed looking at myself in the mirror. I soon took pleasure in playing with myself sometimes. Since that time, I have always worn knickers. I had three sisters, so was never short of pretty ones to try. I love to buy them as well. Sometimes, I can see the girl in the shop looking at me with a bit of a smile, like she knows these are for me and not a present for a female. That always makes me feel so sexy. I have a lovely partner now who lets me indulge and she even bought me some for Christmas.

— James, 45