Men In Tights

I love to wear leggings; although I wish there was a less femme name for them. I always have loved them. They are way more comfortable than pants. They can be cooler or warmer depending on the type of material. I usually wear them while running or cycling, and have worn them once to breakfast with my girlfriend. She thinks I look cool in them. Of course, I am in very good shape and I have about seven percent body fat. I like to wear them around the house too, but usually put on pants if I have to go outside. I wear them without shorts and people stare, that is for sure; but I am not sure it's because they want to wear them too, they are looking at my body, or they think they are gay. Maybe a combination of all of those qualities. Either way, I am going to wear them as often as I can so I can get over being worried about what people think of a man in tights.

— Aaron, 25