Was She A He?

I went to Vegas with a friend. Mac and I started having a good time one night and really got drunk in the hotel nightclub. We started to see if we could get laid. He started to hit on a sexy dressed woman at the end of the bar, and then danced with her a few times. To make a long story short, he got sick and went back to the room. I started to dance with her and eventually ended up back at our room. I was very drunk and she said I didn't need to do anything, but just lay there and relax. Once I lay down, I almost passed out as she started to give me oral. This lead to her having full sex with me. She really worked me over. As I laid and enjoyed, I almost swore that I felt a package touch me different times. I tried to rub her legs and then try to feel her, but she kept pushing my hand away. I completed and she then washed up and left kissing my cheek as I could not move. Although it was as if it was a dream, I am not sure if she was a he. The next night we looked for her again, but we never did find her. She or he may have tricked us.

— Parker, 37