Rest Area Fun

I am a truck driver and I love giving oral to other guys. I was at a known cruising rest area one nice summer evening. I went to the back of the rest area where there is a gazebo. Most of the guys hang out around there and usually hook up and go off to a different area. Sometimes, they just hookup right there in the gazebo. I was back there with two guys and since no one else was around, I offered to do both of them. I started with the first guy and he was really enjoying it. He started telling the other guy about how good I was. Hearing him basically humiliate me by talking about me in this way turned me on even more. I finished him and started on the second guy. For me, making both of them happy was more sexually satisfying than if I had actually completed myself. I did go back to my truck and pleasure myself while replaying they scene through my brain, though.

— Lionel, 53