I'm Her Practice Dummy

My wife is going to cosmetology school part time. She misses the classes that you practice on the other students due to having to work. She has convinced me to let her do my hair and nails for practice. My hair is of medium length, so it is easy for her to give me a curl and set. She has given me a pedicure complete with polish. Last weekend, she gave me a complete curl and set hair do, waxed my eyebrows, manicure with sparkling red polish, and complete French tips. She loved it and it turned out well. I loved it and kept the paint on all weekend until Tuesday. She wants to give me a bikini waxing next week. I can't wait for her to pass her test and get her certificate. Our goal is for her to open her own salon in our garage. This way I can get all the treatments. She loves me in polish and I will continue to allow her to "practice" on me.

— Marc, 36