I Found My Size

My wife Cathy went shopping with Judy, a friend of hers, to buy a Christmas party dress. The party was in a week and when they returned, they both had some beautiful and sexy dresses. First, let me say that I have played with women's clothing in the past, but have not done it for years. Anyway, my wife is a size eight and her clothes were always too small for me. However, I did squeeze into her stockings and panties in the past. Judy wanted to leave her dress here at our house and make it a surprise for her husband. They showed me the dresses and hung them in our hall closet. They decided to go continue shopping and grab a bite to eat. Once they left, all I could think about was the dresses. I went to the closet and got them out, knowing that I would not fit in Cathy's. Judy's was a size fourteen however, and it looked as if it would fit. Knowing they would be gone for some time, I went to the bedroom, stripped, and took the dress of the hook. I was already getting excited at the sight and feel of it. I slid into it and it fit almost perfectly. I knew my wife had some stockings and a garter belt, so I decided to get all dressed in lingerie and wear the dress for a while. Once I got completely dressed, I paraded around the house looking at myself in every mirror. After about thirty minutes, I could not contain my desires anymore and started to pleasure myself. It was a record time as it only took seconds for me to finish. Afterward, I still walked around and I even took some digital pictures of my new outfit for a remembrance of my stunning look and feel. Now that I know my dress size, I will be buying my own in the near future and will be able to cross-dress at will.

— Ian, 39