Swinging Wife

My wife likes to play with other men. It started when my friend and I built an addition to our house. My friend is a huge flirt, my wife was not, but she is a very fun and social person. So, after a month or so went by with this going on, she started to flirt back with him. To cut this story short, she ended up messing around with him. At first it was pretty innocent. She'd show herself off, brag about her great back massages, etc. Then it escalated to a real back massage that included her massaging him in some inappropriate places. A few days later it was oral sex, and then they had sex a few weeks later. Now, this has unleashed a beast in my wife. She met a man online that lives close by, and now she visits him weekly for her playtime. Whenever we go out and drink, or when we go camping or vacationing, she now comments on guys' looks and flirts with them to see if they want to play. I don't mind. I really enjoy seeing her having fun like this.

— Ernie, 35