Wife's Mother On The Phone

My wife and I were fooling around on the sofa one night when the phone rang. My wife answered and it was her mother. She spoke to her for a few minutes, and then passed the phone on to me. Her mother had bought a new DVD player and wanted to know how to set it up. As I tried to explain it to her, my wife was teasing me by rubbing her chest into my face and thrusting her butt at me then wiggling it. When that still didn't distract me, she took a gel and smeared it over my privates and more. She kept giggling as I tried to retain my composure and explain to my sixty-nine year old mother-in-law exactly how to plug in the DVD player. Her mother kept asking if I was all right, as I sounded a little out of breath. My wife kept pleasuring me until I was finished, my muffled groaning and moaning leaving my mother in law thinking I was having a seizure or something. I was mortified when my wife took the phone and explained to her mother what had just happened. Since then, I've had to put up with constant teasing whenever I answer the phone, or her mother visits us.

— Steve, 49