The Signal

I have jokingly worn my wife's lingerie and she loves it. Over the years, she has also used her vibrator on me. We play various roll reversals at times and enjoy them a lot. We have devised a signal if either of us is in the mood to swap genders. If it is her idea, she will leave a silk nightie in my drawer. If it is my idea, I will leave a tie in her drawer. Either way, if the signal is left, I will shower and get dressed up in a set of sexy lingerie. This includes a bustier with falsies, thigh high stockings, thong, high heels, evening dress, makeup, and wig. This all happens while she is at work and I am ready when she gets home. I will stay in our basement until she gets dressed and ready. She will dress in a suit with tie, fake mustache, and strap-on under her manly outfit. Once she is in dress, she will call me on my cell phone for a date and I will accept. I then show up in the living room where she awaits our date. We then partake in treating each other as we are dressed. I give her strap-on oral, and this leads to her using it on me while I am dressed as a women. She treats me like a queen and it is the best sexual experience that one can have. We started this three years ago and have perfected the act and always throw a little twist into it now and then. She is the only man I will ever love.

— Blake, 38