Long Lost Love

I was finishing the 10th grade, but the last 6 weeks I fell in love with a senior. She was a slim and skinny, but I loved her. We had the best summer of '68, or the best that I thought it could be. She was a little high class for me. Her family was busy entertaining while I was helping to support mine. She came home from college in the fall to let me know that it was over. At the time I said, "Great, I can date other girls now." But, my love was always for this one lovely. I still think about her and she's always on my mind. Now I'm 52, and I have a wife of 32 years. Three children and three grandchildren. How do I retrace the past, when the forest is overgrown? How do you re-find someone like this, from the past? Is it worth life and limb? Would she think it's worth life and limb? Just to rekindle the best love of your life, as you thought it was. Is it worth it? I would love to see her again, maybe just from afar.

— Don, 51