Borrowed Pleasure

The lady in the adjoining apartment is single and about forty years old. She had to go out of town on business and asked if I could feed her cats and water her plants. The day she left, I went to check on her cats and I could not find one. Upon searching the rooms, I found it was hiding under her bed. I peeked into her dresser and nightstand drawers and found several sex toys. I instantly became excited. Not having used any on myself since college, I took one and returned to my place to play. It was awesome and I repeated this several times with her other toys. She returned a few days later and invited me over to pay me. The conversation led to keeping this up as she said she needed to travel a few more times in the near future. I told her I would be more than glad to help her out. I am building towards a future encounter with borrowing her toys with her attached. That is my goal.

— Brian, 24