My Buddy's Nice, Little Wife

My buddy, Tim, whom I worked with, was a real player. He used to cheat on his wife quite a lot. One day, I met his wife, Colleen, and we became quite good friends. She was a lovely looking woman and a real sweet person. Truth be known, I was becoming rather angry at the way Tim was treating her. One day I asked him, "What would you do if she cheated on you the way you cheat on her?" He laughed and answered, "That would never happen. She's too stupid to do that"! Well, a short while later, Tim called to ask me if I could pick Colleen up at the auto dealer where she was getting her car fixed and take her home. In route to her house, she confessed to me that she knew what Tim was doing behind her back. She added that the best way to get even would be to sleep with his best friend! Colleen wasn't so stupid after all. But even more, she was very, very hungry! I wanted to tell him to teach him a lesson, but I never did. He never found out, although I think he later came to suspect it. I believe he learned that not only was he not as smart as he thought he was, but that his wife was not quite so stupid as he believed her to be. Personally, I thought Colleen was a wonderful girl.

— Marcus, 35