Touchdown With An NFL Cheerleader

I have an administrative position in the front office of a major NFL franchise. It all started with a paycheck that had wrong deductions for this hot, blonde, blue-eyed cheerleader. I had to really work it out to find out what exactly happened. Suffice it to say, the situation brought me closer to this incredible feminine beauty, one that most men could only dream of shaking hands with. With my athletic 6' body and complexion that is natural to Asian Indians, she got closer and closer as I worked out the details and got her the money she should have received. She gave me the hug of my life when I met her and told her about it. I offered to take her out to dinner to compensate for the mistakes made in payroll. She readily agreed. We went out to one of the fanciest restaurants in the city. We talked about the world, drank, flirted, and I invited her to my waterfront condo for the best Irish coffee she could taste. So, off we went to my place. We did Irish coffee and were in no mood to call it quits. So, we had a shower, sat in the Jacuzzi, and then it was my turn to seduce her. She was in no mood to resist. We had awesome sex all night. I am still trying to count the times, you know what.

— Gregory, 30