Black Lust

I had openly admitted to my wife that I was bi-curious and into black men. I had tried to get her to have a threesome with a black guy for several years, but it was never the right time. Finally, she agreed and the search began. We had located a guy willing to be with us and he was open to everything we had asked for. I was wiling to just watch and try some oral. We met at a bar, talked, and had some drinks. There was a band playing, so people were dancing. To break the ice, Dwayne asked my wife to dance. I watched as they danced the next thing I knew, they were kissing and he was grabbing her ass. I got so excited from just watching. They sat back down with me and he would lean in and kiss her every so often. When we left, we all got into my car. They sat in the back and made out the entire time until we got to the hotel. When we got out of the car, he handed me my wife's panties that he had removed at some point. We got to the room and had some more drinks. Then, the two of them asked me to join in. I went over, leaned in, and kissed my wife as she sat on the couch next to Dwayne. My wife told me that while they had been dancing, they had also discussed what my role would be in this. I asked, "And what is that?" She said I would have to perform oral on both of them to get them ready to have sex. I willingly agreed. After I was done, my wife then gave me one last kiss told me she loved me. She lay back, pulling Dwayne to her. It was so hot watching them have sex. They made love for about an hour in every position. When they finished, they laid there, kissed, and just relaxed. Dwayne then told me to give them both oral again. My wife laughed and said that would be great. So, I did just that for about twenty minutes. I was then allowed to make love to my wife. Since that first time, we have hooked up with Dwayne on four different occasions and each time seems better. I never thought I would like this so much, but at this point in our lives this is the best thing that my wife and I have ever experienced.

— Craig, 39