Someone For Everyone

Once upon a time at San Juan, Puerto Rico, I met a beautiful young woman at my previous school. I was transferred to another school because music was my passion. Unfortunately, the school was not my expectation and I decided with my parents to come back to my previous school. When I arrived, for some reason the first eye that I saw was hers. I can tell you that I fell in love with her right then. My days were so wonderful during my tenth grade. I was early at the school only expecting to see her again. I remember we went out several times and I had had the opportunity to kiss her, but I did not. At the end of tenth grade, I visited her several times during the summer. Then she just up and left and moved away with her parents. Guess what? Because I was so mad that she left me without saying anything, I wrote back to her that I was glad that she was well and hoped that she will be okay there. In other words, I turned her down. I knew inside that she was the only one for me. However, I turned her down knowing that I loved her. I sent several letters, but all letters came back saying, "forwarded address unavailable". I tried to find her, but I was unsuccessful. I never forgot about her, and I still love her since then. Consequently, I have been in two relationships, and the last one I am surviving. It is true that for every person is a soul mate. She was my soul mate, and I was the one that was supposed to be with her. This story is real. My suggestion to all of you is to never let pride turn you away from who you really love. I will pray to God that she is happy.

— Paul, 20