Hot So-Cal Nights!

I'm here in Southern California and we are having Santa Ana conditions. Over eighty during the day, and it's still seventy outside at night. I'm all dressed up in really sexy undies and I can't go outside. I have on a sexy lace pink demi bra with falsies to fill out the 38-C cups; red bikini panties; thigh high diamond net hose, and the sexist little pink baby doll I have. I'd love to go outside, expose myself, and let the hot wind blow up my babydoll and all over my body. But, I'm afraid one of my neighbors will see me and I'll be caught! So, I guess I'll just have to remain an indoor cross-dresser. But, whatever I do, if I have women's undies on, I'll enjoy it. Been doing this for over fifty years now and I still look sexy and love it!

— Mike, 66