Wife Walked In

My wife Rose is twenty-five and we have only been married two years. She is very petite, attractive, and athletic; but very predictable and conservative in bed. Two weeks ago, she walked in on me and our married next door neighbor, Courtney. Courtney is forty-eight years old, over two hundred pounds, with extremely large body parts. I had Courtney on our sofa and I was doing her. She was screaming so loud, we didn't even hear Rose come in. It wasn't until I finished and turned around, that I saw Rose standing there. Courtney was still on the couch, telling me that it was even better than the last time and that I was the best she ever had. Rose started screaming and cursing at me and Courtney, telling Courtney to get out of her house, and asking me what the hell I was doing with this lady. Courtney was trying to look for her clothes. I was trying to remain calm while all hell was breaking loose, and trying to help Courtney find all her clothes and get her out of the house. Rose was now just sitting down crying and saying she couldn't believe I would cheat on her with Courtney. After a couple of hours of apologizing and begging for forgiveness, I found myself making love to my wife and wishing I was having sex with Courtney.

— Calvin, 28