Math Teacher/Sex Teacher

One day in my senior year of high school, I was in math class. It was the last period of the day. My math teacher told me that she had noticed that my grades were low, and said that I needed to stay after class. I thought that this was odd because it was near the beginning of the year. So, after the bell had rung and everyone but me had left the classroom, she went over to the door and locked it. She then went to her desk and bent down to pick something up. She was wearing a very short dress. So when she bent down, the tail of her dress flipped up, and I could see that she had no panties on underneath. When she came up, she turned around and asked me if I had liked the show. I said," Of course, who wouldn't have?" She confessed that every year since she had been teaching there, she had had a student pleasure her for that year. She then asked me if I wanted to be the one for that year. Of course, I agreed. We then proceeded to peel each other's clothes off. Needless to say, it was the best sex that I have ever had. We did it in all styles and all the positions. Oh, and by the way, I got an A+ in her class that year.

— James, 19